Town with No Traffic Wardens

Jack the Ripper story from the Cambrian News

An evening of rehearsed, script-in-hand performances written by Aberystwyth Art Centre’s Writing for Performance Group on Thursday 19th April, 7.45pm in the Round Studio.

In recent months Aberystwyth has hit the headlines and been besieged with journalists and film crews . Why? Because it’s a town with no traffic wardens!

As England erupted into riots – Wales news led with the number of dolphins in Cardigan Bay from a recent survey.  What happens in a town where big events pass by unnoticed apart from on our TV screens and in the daily papers?

Do the smaller news stories become blown out of proportion to deal with the lack of big stories? Or are the small stories the most important when you live in a town with no traffic wardens.

An evening exploring the impact or lack of impact of the nations news on a town like Aberystwyth, in parallel with the stories behind the news stories in our local papers.

The writers will be challenged to use recent news in the town to create their parts of the play  – thus changing the play as it is written and rehearsed. The play may even change on the night – if something newsworthy happens in Aberystwyth. But then it never does! Or does it?

Exploring the different perspectives of each writer whilst creating two hours of interconnecting stories. The individual pieces will then be linked together collaboratively by the whole writing group to create an evening of performance.

Town with No Traffic Wardens is part of the Open Platform scheme at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Further information and booking is available here

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  1. Tony Jones

     /  January 10, 2012

    I love newspaper articles where the heading is a question, as the answer is almost invariably “No”.
    The Daily Mail is full of them – “Is Katie Price the new Posh Spice?” “Can radiators give you cancer?” “Can I pop my hand up your blouse?”

  2. I agree but I do so want the answer to this question to be yes

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