EarThe latest project from the group, EarCandy is an audio drama project from a web-platform.
You can listen to all the plays and watch interviews with the writers at the Earcandy website

EarCandy is a audio drama project created by the Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Writing for Performance Group featuring 12 short plays recorded in Aberystwyth Arts Centre and in locations around Aberystwyth.

The plays are available from a web-platform and the project also includes social media interfaces of additional material including interviews with the writers and interviews with characters from the plays.

The 12 plays written by 13 writers, include over 50 characters played by the 15 performers.

Cursed by Sandra Bendelow, Lost by Branwen Davies, The Planning Stage by Matt Christmas, Blood in Brecon by Christopher T. Harris, The Constant Hunger of the Troll Under the Bridge by Catrin Fflur Huws, The Extension by Carmel George, Surge by Tracey Goddard and Julie Grady Thomas, Burn The Rich by Tony Jones,  My Mother Told me by Rachel McAdam, Duck by Debbie Moon, Starlings by Sarah Taylor, Rules are Rules by Dean Scott.

Follow the project www.facebook.com/earcandyaudiodrama or @earcandy_plays


Lessons on character, story and writing from the heart

In the July group meeting we shared our thoughts on challenges we faced in our writing and our weaknesses, so here are a few links aimed at those weakness and challenges. The ones that seemed to emerge the most were – developing character and story and getting the structure right.

Events Vs Actions and Structure Breakdown of Breaking Bad Pilot Episode from the Story Department

Story questionnaire and Character questionnaire on Script Lab

The Principles of Writing Radio by Tim Crook

A lesson on writing this week from Joss Whedon, talking about the cancellation of Firefly and not been able to tell the stories of Shepherd Book and Anara – write the stories that you are so passionate about that even ten years later, thinking about the stories you didn’t get to tell, will still haunt you.

Happy Birthday

The Writers Group

The Writers Group

Today is the one year anniversary of the Writing for Performance Group which began in May 2011.

Last month the group presented its second script-in-hand rehearsed reading, Town with No Traffic Wardens. TWNTW as it became known, largely due to the length of the title, was different from the first set of plays Beginnings in that it was an attempt by the group to explore structuring and writing a full length play by setting a subject and working together to produce a collaboratively written project.

It began as a playful writing experiment and exercise but in April we were faced with the reality of a public audience for our group’s project. The evening surpassed expectations and as with Beginnings we have to be very thankful and appreciative of being blessed with some incredibly talented performers who were willing to give up their time for what is largely a thankless task for a performer.

The evening is about the writers and the performers largely have to bow to the wills, demands and caprices of the writers. It’s an unusual set-up really. The performers are incredibly patient and very understanding of this, far more than we writers deserve.

The group contains a varied mix of experience, some writers presenting work for the very first time, some writers presenting work in the medium of theatre for the very first time, some writers who have now written a few short plays and also some more experienced writers.

The material for Town with Traffic Wardens was a mixture of stand-alone short plays, scenario’s, scenes and sketches and all of them were pulled together into a presentation of work-in-progress. It also represented the diverse range of voices within the group and so scanned across many styles and tones.

The evening sold out. Yes, SOLD OUT to a very receptive and appreciative audience who seemed to really enjoy the cross section of offerings and the variety of light and dark in the evening.

But now on the anniversary of the group starting just one year ago with two script-in-hand rehearsed readings it’s time to move onto the next projects; a radio writing project, PlayPen -20 minute plays on any subject and the Town with No….. project as we wait to find what Aberystwyth will offer that could possibility compete with the fascinating world of news in a small town by the sea.

Blog hopping

View a post from me on Kaite O’Reilly’s blog about setting up and running the Writing for Performance Group and Town with No Traffic Wardens.

Time to get writing

The next meeting of the Writing for Performance Group will be taking place on Tuesday 14th February. I’m hoping that you’re all either hardened cynic or romantics with understanding partners who won’t mind cooking you a romantic meal and creating a sea of rose petals through your house on another evening.

Me, I’m a romantic but I believe in romance 364 days a year – and that romance should not happen on 14th February because romance is about doing something for your partner altruistically.  I’ve also ended two long term relationships on Valentine’s Day but I promise it’s a weird co-incidence and not a sign of a hard hearted bitch, well okay so maybe it was vaguely connected to it being Valentine’s Day BUT that’s a story for another day. Or at the very least I’ll use it for a character back-story one day.

So now it’s time to get serious and get writing those plays. Well not that serious, comedy is allowed. We’ve shared our ideas for plays or shared the seeds of ideas so now it’s time to get something on paper and test those ideas out. Please bring along anything you have, completed plays or rough bits of dialogue that you want to test out. Remember there aren’t any rules this time, it can be as many characters as you like, it can be as short or long as you want. It’s up to you. If you’re feeling a little lost, over the next few days I’ll be reminding you of all the little writing exercises and games we’ve played in the last couple of months to shake-up those ideas and maybe even adding a few new ones. If you want a reminder of the stories that have been floating around in the news recently then here they are and if you want a reminder of how the idea began it’s all here.

And as always please feel free to bring any work that you would like to share or test out, it doesn’t have to be for Town with No Traffic Wardens.