Playpen Illustration by Boz Groden

Playpen. Illustration by Boz Groden

9 writers. No rules. Let’s see what happens when a writer’s pen has freedom to play!

Following on from the sell-out evening of short plays about news in Aberystwyth, Town with No Traffic Wardens, the Aberystwyth Art Centre’s Writing for Performance Group brings you two evenings of 20 minute plays about a vast range of subjects including visa regulations, Japanese games, library closures and property arguments between grasshoppers and toads.

On each of the two nights of script-in-hand, rehearsed readings the audience will be asked to vote for their favourite play. The two selected plays will be taken through to a full performance later in the year.

There will be a Q&A with the writers and directors offering an insight into writing for performance.

Featuring plays from Terry Bailey, Julie Bainbridge, Sandra Bendelow, Branwen Davies, Carmel George, Christopher T. Harris, Catrin Fflur Huws, Julie Grady Thomas and Tom Wentworth.

Deg o ‘sgwennwyr. Dwy noson. Dim rheolau. Beth am weld beth gall ddigwydd wrth i bensil y ‘sgwennwr gael rhyddid i chwarae!

Friday 1st February/Nos Wener Chwefror 7.45 PM
Thursday 7th February/Nos Iau Chwefror 7.45 PM

The plays will be performed as follows
Friday 1st February
Zoo by Julie Bainbridge
A play about how three women, each with breast cancer, respond to their diagnosis.
Directed by Richard Hogger
Performed by Julie McNicholls, Norma Izon and Carwen Griffith

Rock by Catrin Fflur Huws
A grasshopper and a toad decide that a rock isn’t big enough for both of them.
Directed by Sandra Bendelow
Performed by Jim Finnis and Tom O’Malley

Not Quite Yet by Carmel George
The play is about the way that grief can turn a person’s world on it’s head and cause them to behave in extraordinary ways.
Directed by Carmel George
Performed by Sian Taylor, Rhys Jenkins, Tracey Goddard

Sitting In by Tom Wentworth
A radio sitcom about two wannabee protestors Barry and Gary.
Directed by Sandra Bendelow
Performed by Jim Finnis and Rhys Jenkins

by Sandra Bendelow
A couple with a damaged relationship return to a flood damaged house
Directed by Richard Hogger
Performed by Tony Jones and Sian Taylor

Thursday 7th February

Genki? by Branwen Davies
In limbo trying to make sense of it all
Directed by Richard Hogger
Performed by Izzy Rabey, Mari Fflur

Sick by Christopher T. Harris
The play follows three University friends who meet for a night of drink and laughter before their student lives draw to a close.
Directed by Carmel George
Performed by Rob Broadhurst, Daniel Fowler, David Hubball

Cookhouse by Julie Grady Thomas
A snapshot of what deportation really looks like in modern Britain
Directed by Sandra Bendelow
Performed by Tony Jones, Tracey Goddard

Grave Men Near Death by Terry Bailey
Two men in a locked room rage against the dying of the light.
Directed by David Blumfield
Performed by Tom O’Malley, Martin Barker, Tracey Goddard

£6 (£4)

01970 623232

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