Lessons on character, story and writing from the heart

In the July group meeting we shared our thoughts on challenges we faced in our writing and our weaknesses, so here are a few links aimed at those weakness and challenges. The ones that seemed to emerge the most were – developing character and story and getting the structure right.

Events Vs Actions and Structure Breakdown of Breaking Bad Pilot Episode from the Story Department

Story questionnaire and Character questionnaire on Script Lab

The Principles of Writing Radio by Tim Crook

A lesson on writing this week from Joss Whedon, talking about the cancellation of Firefly and not been able to tell the stories of Shepherd Book and Anara – write the stories that you are so passionate about that even ten years later, thinking about the stories you didn’t get to tell, will still haunt you.


Finding inspiration from last year and everywhere

A few of the links to articles and opportunites that the group have found useful in the last week or so

Theatre That Dares Wins: Why 2011 was a good year for New Writing

Top artists reveal how to find inspiration

Some advice from David Bishop about playing to your strengths

A great tip from Phillip Barron about putting your idea in a box