PlayPen Writers Profile: Carmel George

Carmel George

Carmel George

Carmel George is a performer and director who has turned her hand to playwrighting. Her first full length play, I’m on the Train first showcased at the Open Platform at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in 2010 and toured to small venues in Mid/North Wales and Pegasus Theatre, Oxford in 2011. Carmel was selected for the Sherman Cymru Spread The Word scheme. Her play, Not Quite Yet, is about the unpredictability of grief.

What is your play is about?
The play is about the way that grief can turn a person’s world on it’s head and cause them to behave in extraordinary ways.

How did you get the idea?
Inspired in part, by a true story.  It’s been inside me for a while now and it feels good to have released it onto the page and stage.

What was your favourite thing about writing the play?
Realising and idea I’d had for a year or two.

What do you think were the challenges of writing this play?
Divorcing it as much as possible from the true story; whilst retaining its essence.

What were the challenges of writing a one-act play?
Telling a convincing story within a tight framework.

For the last two showcases Beginnings and Town with No Traffic Wardens a theme or subject was given to you, how different was it writing without rules and limitations?
I enjoyed the freedom of exploring my own ideas.

How did you create the characters?
The main character was based on fact; the other two characters just fell into place and were based on human observation

What writing tips would you offer to someone interested in writing for theatre?
Watch as much theatre as possible and read plays by playwrights whose themes interest you.
And, of course, persevere and don’t be too deterred by other peoples’ opinion of your work. Trust your own judgement.

What difference has the writing group made to you as a writer?
It has helped to keep me motivated and offers an encouraging environment to try out ideas.

Carmel George’s play will be performed on Friday 1st February. Information on booking tickets is available here

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