October Meeting

In the October session we welcomed two new members to the group and talked through all the projects coming up in the future including the deadlines for plays.

Playpen project – Deadline for 1st drafts 13th November. Further info here https://writingforperformancegroup.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/future-project-1-playpen/

Writing for Radio project Deadline for 1st drafts February. Further info here https://writingforperformancegroup.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/future-projects-2-writing-for-radio-drama/

We then did an exercise. We each created two character names, first our least favourite name for a person and second our favourite name. We then gave away one of those names to someone else in the group. We then created characters based on these names. We then gave away one of the characters to someone in the group.

We then created a setting and imagined these two characters meeting for the first time. We wrote 20 lines of dialogue between these characters. We then thought about what happened just before and what happened just after this initial meeting. We then created three main key story points – what is the inciting incident that kicks the play off, what is the mid-point of the play and what is the end scene or obligatory scene.

Novembers session is the deadline for first drafts of plays for Playpen – by first drafts this could be a very rough draft, maybe just beginning. However full drafts ready for workshop need to be completed by 4th  December ready for read through in the December writing group session and  there will be a workshop session on December.

Rehearsals for Playpen will be taking place in January so final drafts for rehearsals to be complete by 7th January.

The Playpen project is a very difficult one to produce with at least 8 if not more, 20 minute plays being produced over two nights, each needing a director and a cast and all being rehearsed separately so the sooner you have the idea drafted and ready to go the easier you make it for the producer, the director and the cast.

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